Taking Life By the Cojones…

…in place of dreaming, or simply feeling the desire for something, I’ve decided to
go out and DO IT, go out and LIVE IT.
I am currently in Amsterdam. One of the most amazing cities of the world. Before
arriving here I spent time in London with friends I had not seen in over 7 years, ones I
never expected to see again.
I have decided to live life. REALLY LIVE IT! It doesn’t take as much money as one would think it might. It does take COJONES to take on the fear of the unknown. Leaving a safe harbor, leaving a job you feel is a slow death, a stable income, good benefits, a life of habit and routine. I don’t know how I mustered the cojones—I suppose a grew a pair.
Or maybe it was observing my mom and how her illness from overwork disabled her. That
made me, sadly, wake up fast.
I feel as if I don’t have anything material in my life and yet I feel so very lucky. Free! I have my loved ones, a tiny bungalow for a home, beloved friends and the ability to
travel and really live life.
Yesterday I went to the Red Light District and it was the oddest most thrilling experience. Watching a peep show, going to a coffee shop (note:
google what takes place in coffee shops), walking the streets in search of adventure…
there is so much to see, and do in life.
To enjoy a book while sitting next to a window in a stunning, although a bit run down appartment, and observe how a crowd of young men and women cheer with jubilation the victory of their beloved football (soccer) team.
Or writing this blog from a tiny internet cafe next to a row of pubs and bars, as the sound of music and smell of marijuana filter the air.
Oh My Lordy!!!

More to come… 😉
Cruz the Muse

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