Greetings From Denmark

While I sit at a cafe in Copenhagen–people watching and taking in all the colors and smells of this city of
Vikings, I realize just how fortunate I am. How fortunate WE ALL have the possibility of being. There is NO
greater gift that you can give to yourself than the gift of travel. To immerse yourself in a different place–
to see it like a native does, to take in the food, the language, the idiosyncrasies–that IS living life to the
fullest, in my eyes.
Every adventure teaches me more than just the obvious: A foreign city, shopping, and the historical sightseeing places to take pictures in front of.
The people and their stories are what excite me and thrill me to NO END. I’ve gone from one adventure to the next
and have plenty more lined up. My motto for the day is to see things as if it were the last time and to exchange
and engage as many individuals as I can.
To just devour things with my senses.
I hope those out there in the virtual world do the same too, for life goes by so terribly fast we barely have time to
savor it, take in the here and now….NOW!!!

Cruz the Muse

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